Live Wire is a podcast powered by Kosciusko REMC. Here we discuss co-op matters, energy, community topics, and communicate with KREMC members.

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S2E4: Gearing Up for Our Annual Meeting with Mike Whitaker

Our Drive-Through Annual Meeting is quickly approaching! We sat down with Assistant Manager of Operations Mike Whitaker to reflect on our cooperative's Annual Meeting ...

S2E3: Linemen Appreciation, Lunch & Learn, and More

On this episode of Live Wire, we talk with Sarah Marsh from the member services team about an upcoming Lunch & Learn event, celebrate our fearless linemen, discuss the...

S2E2: Power Up Your Energy Savings

No one likes to receive an unusually high electric bill. What causes a higher bill and what steps can you take to cut costs? Supervisor of Member Services Nichole Fife...

S2 E1: Boomerang Backpacks

Boomerang Backpacks was a recent recipient of an Operation Round Up grant. Mallika Klingaman and Stavrani Christos join us on the podcast to talk about the organizatio...

S1 E7: Giving Back with KREMC

This time of year is special and our members are known to come to KREMC with generous hearts. Several KREMC employees share their memories of members giving back.

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